Plan Your Bathroom Cabinet Installation Considering The Essentials

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Planning to build a new bathroom cabinet installation or giving your existing bathroom quality renovation? Well, it is required to put some special effort to the cabinets as soon as possible since looking up to them often the platform for the other room’s design is set and, in several terms, they may take more time to get than other elements.

Since bathroom cabinets are very important for storage space and organization in the bathroom, it is better to know some trick to choose the best. They also serve the purpose of the bathroom sink. When you start shopping, you’ll get varieties of preferences, from smart hardwood masterpieces, custom made, to low-priced bargains that you can buy at any bathroom cabinets store and install almost in one day. And you’ll find that almost any style and size is possible.

Since the look is very important it is best to choose cabinets contrasting colors of walls and bathroom tiles.  Furthermore, let’s have a look what are things you should know before you shop for your new bathroom cabinets-


Bath cabinetry offerings are accessible in four general categories (semi-custom, custom, RTA, and stock)

  • RTA or Ready-to-assemble is the most affordable cabinetry grade of all. RTA designs are traditionally boxed and are required assembly.
  • Stock cabinetry is simply affordable but there are some varieties in size, door style, and materials.
  • Semi-custom cabinets are available in large range of drawer and door styles, materials and finishes. Similarly, as stock cabinetry, semi-custom is also measured in 3 inches increments and it doesn’t give a fully customized fitting.
  • Custom cabinetry is probably the smartest as it totally adapted to fit any certain space. In custom-built cabinetry, there is unlimited style, material, finishes or enhancing components but this kind of installation can be really pricey. Custom orders take longer to finish almost eight weeks or so.


No matter which grade you choose, but you must ensure to select a well-formed cabinet with drawers installed, minimum 3/8-inch to 1/2-inch wide, specifically on the bottom. Avoid those are made with stapled construction. Check carefully to make sure that the drawers are well-fitted in the box, open slowly and slide smoothly. The wooden sides and the dovetail joint indicate quality construction customs. Also, alternative drawers made of more affordable yet hardy materials such as particleboard, plywood, and MDF or medium density fibreboard with pinned joinery are smart and suitable choices.


Door style and bathroom furnishing improvements completely enhance the look of bathroom cabinetry. You can opt for doors that are flush or enclosed with a lofty or inset central panel that can be adjusted to rectangle, arch or round shapes. You will find several options available in bathroom cabinet doors online where from well-crafted to modern- a number of door styles are available in different price ranges.

A collection of attractive accessories for the bath cabinets such as pilasters, wainscoting, and posts provide some extra added customized look. According to expert designers, usually coordinated or identical drawers and doors look excellent. The same goes for the hardware that includes hinges, knobs and pulls. All these are very important to consider as an entity thoroughly before investing in them.

Since the bath cabinetry isn’t only about appearance, you should think about accessories for comfortable use. Mid and high-end cabinetry are comprised of loads of features, such as wire clothing hamper drawers and hairdryer drawers having already installed electrical outlets inside doors.

Impressed already? Don’t hurry, check out further elements:


Bathroom cabinets are traditionally shaped as 32-inch tall and 18- 21-inch deep and widths may vary from 24 inches to 60 inches or even more.  It is important to consider and prioritize the purpose of the cabinet storage before settling on any design.

  • Whereas double sink vanity allows extra storage space, a narrower vanity offers further floor space.
  • Custom designed vanities are also there and very trendy, generally hung up on the floor.
  • Two basic types are offered in bathroom cabinet styles- built-in or freestanding, similar to a piece of furniture. Freestanding vanities are detached from walls on one side and are specifically installed in half baths or powder rooms.


Built-in bathroom cabinets have two basic constructions- face frame or frameless (also called “European-style”). Most of the manufacturers produce only one or the other but also there are stores where you can find them both. American manufacturers mostly consider making the face-frame models, but some also manufacture frameless types with European styling.

  • Frameless cabinets are constructed same as boxes, with panels ending on both sides and edging with a simply coated banding or slim strip. Frameless cabinets mostly come with flush doors and concealed hinges. They commonly have concrete top and solid back and base units. It is generally set up on top of a separate support.
  • Face-frame cabinet generally comes with a frame made of ½ hardwoods on the front of the ¾ inches plywood cabinet box. The frame helps the cabinet to be firm and offers a sturdy base for hinges. These cabinets don’t hold any top panel, and they have only one sided back or back that is made of narrow material. It is very suitable for an improper wall as the frame can be custom designed or trimmed to fit an uneven wall. Also, consider the fact that the face frame construction will definitely narrow down the opening space for doors and drawers.


Considering that your bathroom will receive a lot of wear and tear, it’s essential that you choose materials and finishes that are able to survive excessive moisture, water and of course heat. Generally, cabinetry is made of plywood, particleboard or MDF box with solid wooden drawers and doors. The more your budget increases the more there is an available number of options on material and finish. Manufacturers in the latest market offer a range of painted, antiqued, glazed, stained, and distressed finishes and a wide selection of wooden finishes and laminates.

Hopefully, the above guide to buying bathroom cabinets will fulfill all the requirements of knowledge you should acquire before decorating your own bathroom. Have a happy shopping!

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