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The Latest Kitchen Cabinet Trends

latest kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are the most important and essential part of kitchen remodeling. Not only will it provide storage for your cookware and other items, but it also enhances whatever design theme you’re trying to achieve. You must work to balance the desire to be trendy with the need to increase the value of the home through your design choices. You should be aware of the latest kitchen cabinet trends and especially trends in colors.


White is timeless in kitchens and can go with many themes. However, a new color has become the modern classic gray. – It’s light, contemporary and it goes with any color. You’ll discover a variety of shades so you can choose one to suit your personality and kitchen design.
Go back in time to the retro look of black and white kitchens, and you’ll discover another modern trend. However, these kitchens look anything but outdated. The two colors complement each other in a contemporary way. You have several options when utilizing this color palette. For instance, you may choose white cabinets with black granite countertops. Another choice is to select white upper cabinets and black lower cabinets to draw your eye up and make the room feel bigger. You could also choose all black cabinets to contrast white elsewhere in the room.

If you want just a touch of color, you can add a colorful sink to contrast your kitchen cabinets. It’s a great way to include something unexpected without being overwhelmed by too much color. Use the same shade in the backsplash to reinforce the look. If you go this way, you’ll want to keep your cabinets simple in color and style.
Dark cabinets are another trend in today’s kitchen design. Espresso-colored kitchen cabinet doorsbring a contemporary look to space. However, this palette only works in larger kitchens because a small kitchen will feel even smaller with dark wood.


Gone are the days when all cabinet doors opened the same way. Functionality is the key with many modern designs, and one aspect is how the doors open and close. You have the easy-open drawers which prevent slamming when they close.
Another new trend is the hydraulic doors which fold up and out of the way. With this design, you don’t have to worry about having space on either side of the door because it shifts up. Other doors may open down or even fold to the side to give you access to the inside.


Cabinets aren’t the only way to utilize storage in the kitchen. You can also add more drawers in the room. Deep drawers are ideal for storing pots and pans or other large items while small drawers can be customized for utensils, silverware and even glasses.
Many of these drawers are sectioned off to keep everything organized neatly. They may vary in depth to accommodate your kitchen equipment. Even if you can’t afford or don’t want custom kitchen cabinets, you can choose the size and number of drawers to make your kitchen more usable.


Kitchens today aren’t just about being practical, even though that’s an important component of the design. The contemporary kitchen is also pretty and inviting, a place where people will want to spend some time. Not everyone likes to cook so the kitchen must be more than just a place to prep food. From the design of the flooring and backsplash to the color of the kitchen cabinets, the room is all about beauty and visual appeal. To achieve this goal, you can choose to paint your cabinets in bold or soft shades with contrasting or complementary hardware.
In the past, the walls of the kitchen were the focus of color and cabinetry was plain. Today, the cabinets may be painted a soft yellow, bright red or a bold orange to suit your personality.


Another trend in kitchens is the combination of classic elements and contemporary design. For instance, cherry cabinets are timeless, but they become quite modern when paired with the Shaker-style doors.
Alternative woods done in a traditional design can also enhance a room. For example, bamboo and mahogany have become popular in cabinetry. You can enhance the traditional look through the use of hardware or other elements in the room.


Some homeowners want their kitchens to be completely modern. To achieve this look, they choose contemporary colors and designs. One example is the flat-panel cabinets. The simplicity of this design is sleek and elegant without being fussy. You can add stainless steel kitchen cabinet hardware to continue the modern impression.
Instead of using knobs and pulls, long handles make a bold statement on cabinets and drawers in the kitchen. They can create an industrial or commercial feel to space while being a practical addition.
Another modern trend is using cabinets to conceal appliances. Panels will fit over the ovens, dishwasher, and refrigerator, which creates a seamless design throughout the room.
So, there are so many options for creating a custom kitchen to suit your personality and the rest of the home. Cabinets have come a long way from plain and boring to now being used as the focal point of the room. Just make sure you consider the architectural design of the home as well as your future resale plans when selecting a cabinet style. But above all, choose something you love so you will enjoy spending time in this room for years to come.

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