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How to Find a Good Contractor for Kitchen Cabinets Remodeling Project?

forevermark kitchen cabinets

When deciding on remodeling kitchen cabinets, finding the right contractor for the job can at times be overwhelming, although it does not have to. Taking some simple initiatives to ensure your project is a success can mean a whole lot of differences between doubts in a contractor or complete confidence that can make you sleep well at night. For a start, here are a few pointers you should consider when looking for that contractor:


Word of mouth is by far an ideal way that you can find a contractor, who can not only tackle your kitchen remodeling project but is also a qualified professional in this line of work. You can start by asking around people like your neighbors, friends, and even relatives who have had satisfactory experiences with such contractors. Additionally, it would be a good idea to ask what made them satisfied with the contractor, how he or she handled the project, and whether they would consider using them for another project in future.


With the number of the referrals you received after asking around, it would be advisable to carry out some research by yourself, be it through their website or a call. Dig deeper and get to know if the contractor has the necessary documents such as licenses or permits from local municipalities and states among many other associations from professional associations related to your cabinet project. You will find that most, if not all, experts in this line of work have undergone a coursework and passed several tests for them to be awarded a certification in that particular field. However, be careful since not all certifications are equally created.


After verifying the credentials of the cabinet contractors, you can then shortlist the contenders and arrange some meetings. Although there is no particular number of the contractors to interview, you can conduct as many meeting as you want to depend on what you may be looking for in a contractor. You can select one, depending on the way he or she answers your questions keeping in mind that the way you communicate with them also matters a great deal. However, a contractor that is keen to listen would be the ideal candidate for this position considering that he or she will work on the project aimed towards satisfying your needs. The way you relate to a contractor, also plays a big part, when it comes to selecting the right candidate for the job given that trust in your working relationship can go a long way.


On establishing an understanding with the selected contractor, you can ask to see a few of the projects he or she has previously worked on. In the case they indicate references upon request, you can ask them to provide you with appropriate referees whom you can verify through a call.


After you have undergone all the above steps and selected a contractor for your cabinet project, you can go through the documents the candidate has prepared for you and review his or her terms. After reviewing his or her terms and they seem balanced and fair to your terms as well, you can write down an agreement. This agreement should entail:

  • A bidding price
  • A schedule of payment
  • The plan of the site
  • The scope of work
  • A schedule of the primary task of construction in sequence
  • A procedural written list for close-out
  • A clause for a change-order
  • An express limited warranty
  • A clause about waiver of lien and resolution of dispute preventing both suppliers and sub-contractors from putting your house as a lien in the case the contractor fails or neglects to pay their invoices

If all of the above is pointed out to you in the contractor’s agreement, you can go ahead and sign it knowing with full confidence that the project will carry on as planned.


Considering the fact that numerous people decide to remodel their kitchens, it is highly likely that you will find a contractor whose specialty is in remodeling kitchens. Although remodeling a particular area of your house or a single room may not involve much, remodeling a kitchen—depending on its scope—can entail involving several experts. As such, both you and your contractor can go at length to hire different specialists ranging from plumbers to electricians to crafts-men to countertop installation contractors and floor specialists.


It can be tempting for you to take on the role of a general contractor and hire a remodeling kitchen expert. Although achieving this can be easy in the case your kitchen improvements are smaller in scale and you can get to save some amount in costs, there are disadvantages, and particularly to cabinet projects that may be more involving.

Contractor & Professional Buyer Program

A contractor, though he or she comes at a cost, has vast experience when it comes to the phases concerned with remodeling your kitchen. The contractor, particularly the one with the experience in kitchen cabinet refacing projects, will have a better chance to deal with the project’s unexpected issues should they arise. What may appear to be an impossibility to a first timer, can be an easy task for an experienced contractor.

When acting as your own remodeling contractor for your kitchen, time can be another disadvantage. Although employing different experts yourself can seem like a good idea considering the amount of money you will save, planning each task can become an issue, and more so when delays come up. A specialist in kitchen remodeling or a general contractor will have the experience to plan the project minimizing delays.

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