Forevermark Kitchen Cabinets: Affordable & High-Quality Cabinetry

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Forevermark Kitchen Cabinets has gained a tremendous fame all over United States. Consequently, the people wonder about some simple facts about the cabinets and brand in general. So, we gathered the most asked questions about the issue and answered for you.


Are Forevermark Kitchen Cabinets Good Quality?

Being high-quality, useful, and durable is the motto of the brand and the users highly rate the products as being so. Most of the people prefer Forevermark because of these reasons and the number of them are keep going higher. With the designs including the doors, drawers and shelves, Forevermark offers you a great comfort and easy-to-use kitchen solutions. They are designed to make you feel comfortable while cooking, eating etc.


Are They Real Wood?

They are made of a wide range of materials including fireboard, plywood, hardwood, MDF and birch wood. The distribution of the materials changes by the product. But, mostly, the face frames are hardwood and birch hardwood.


Who owns/produces Forevermark Cabinetry?

The Shekia Group, LLC owns and produces Forevermark Kitchen Cabinets. In the market of durable and budget RTA cabinets, they have been a leading figure for years. They pass their experience, skill and perseverance to Forevermark to create a leading brand of kitchen/bathroom cabinets. As we said, they also make the producing and distribution.


Where can I but Forevermark Cabinets?

Being very popular all-around United States, you can buy Forevermark kitchen cabinets practically every cabinet shop around you through different sellers. As a proud seller of these finest quality and cheap cabinets, you can also prefer us, Cabinetshouse, for the special offers and even more affordable prices we give to our customers. You can find us in Glen Allen, VA, by visiting our website or calling us from: (833) 422-5587.


Are Forevermark Cabinets RTA?

Yes, you can buy them as RTA if you want. Most of the sellers offer you this opportunity. Also, we help you assemble your cabinets by an instruction book. If you can’t set that up, our team can do it for you.


Do Forevermark Cabinets Come Assembled?

It is up to you to order them assembled or RTA. The production of the cabinets allows you to choose among these two. However, the only difference is their shipping. As you cargo will be a lot bigger as assembled, you will have to pay more for shipping. In this case, you should look for free shipping that the stores offer you. As Cabinetshouse, we offer our clients free shipping for the purchases over $3000.


We gathered frequently asked questions about Forevermark kitchen cabinets. We hope this article removed the question marks. Fore more information about kitchen cabinetry and Forevermark, please check our blog and if you have any wish, contact us.

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