White Cabinet Door Styles

white cabinets door styles

White kitchens cabinets are trending right now, particularly those that feature kitchen cabinet doors in the simple 18th century Shaker style. Some white cabinets are made from medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and others from solid wood like birch, maple, or oak, and some are framed, and some are frameless. If you buy online, some will be pre-assembled while others will be delivered ready to assemble (RTA).While the common factor of all these kitchen designs is the color, the finish of white cabinet doors might be glossy, matt, pearly, or even just a little off-white, and all add some sparkle to your life.

Ice White Shaker kitchen cabinets pair well with a white refrigerator and white stove. Grey-painted walls and a charcoal colored floor create a harmonious, monochromatic color scheme.


Although it is technically “a non-color”, white can have an amazing impact and will often play a significant role in the psychology of color. There are no hard and fast rules though because we all respond a little differently to color, but respond we do. Typically, red – the color of fire – will stimulate excitability, while icy blue will reduce this feeling. Bright yellow is sunny and generally seen as a cheerful, happy color, while green is associated with nature and is mostly regarded as peaceful and quiet.

While white doesn’t illicit the same response as primary (red, yellow, and blue), secondary (green, orange, and violet), or tertiary colors (which are a mixture of the above) white can have a calming effect and it is regarded as clean and pure.
This is not to suggest that white should always be teamed with painted white walls, white ceilings, and tiled white floors. White cabinet doors might be the only evidence of white in the kitchen. In fact, when you use white in a color scheme between colors (as in those found in the spectrum of a rainbow) or adjacent to one other color, you will usually see the true value of that color and the effect can be awesome.

Signature Pearl kitchen cabinets are a pearly white color that gives them the appearance of antique white cabinets. Juxtaposed with aquamarine walls and ceiling introduces depth and cool character to the kitchen style while the golden brown wood flooring lifts the mood and adds warmth to the room.


Some colors are cool – especially blues and greens – and some colors, like red, yellow, and orange are warm. Since white is a non-color that is actually a balanced mix of all the different colors in the spectrum (those seen in brilliantly colored rainbows), it can be used successfully with any other color. So if you want to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere in your kitchen, introduce warm color in the form of paint, tiles, flooring, or window treatments. For a cool, laid-back ambiance in tropical climes or hot-weather desert countries, use cool blues and greens. In both instances, the white kitchen cabinets stay.

Generally, it is best to combine white kitchen cabinet doors or even off-white kitchen cabinets with softer shades of color, rather than deep or vivid hues. It will tone down the impact of the color and be easier to live with.
Ironically, one of the most successful ways of combining white cabinet doors with other “colors” is to create a monochromatic color scheme using the two other non-colors, black and gray, or tones of these – as shown in the Ice White Shaker kitchen above. Essentially a monochromatic color scheme normally utilizes one color used in different shades and tones. But using non-colors can be dramatically different. Alternatively, white can be used with any other color to create a successful monochromatic scheme.

While you aren’t going to want to keep changing your white kitchen cabinets, either by replacing the cabinet doors or painting the cabinets, introducing color on the walls offers the opportunity to change the juxtaposed color from time to time. So, for instance, you could paint your walls a super-cool and pretty duck egg blue in summer, and then when temperatures drop in winter, change the color to bright sunshine yellow. The white kitchen cabinets then stay the same, but the look of the kitchen is instantly transformed. Colored accessories would have a similar effect.


Apart from the fact that a well-designed kitchen with white cabinets looks neat, clean, and streamlined, white is, strangely enough, a very easy color to keep clean. It is a fact that dark surfaces show marks a lot more than pale colors do.Stainless steel combines beautifully with Gramercy White kitchen cabinets in a single-wall arrangement. Even though the cook’s three areas of operation are in a single line, the sink, oven, and fridge have work surfaces alongside them, making this an acceptable work triangle operation.

Laundry appliances have been accommodated at one end of an Uptown White kitchen that features stylish white kitchen cabinet doors.

Cabinets House offers a range of different white kitchen cabinets and off-white kitchen cabinets that are available RTA or pre-assembled. They all have water-borne UV finishes that look great and are really easy to keep clean. The company also offers a free 3D kitchen design service to help you achieve a truly professional result whether you are using a contractor to install, or installing your new white kitchen cabinets yourself.

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