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15 Smart DIY Kitchen Cabinet Upgrades

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Your kitchen is where your heart is! Remodeling a kitchen can take a long time and without any backup, investing a lot of time and money might not be what you want. So, instead, what if you could just spruce it a little bit? What if you had a set of tips to make some smart changes to your kitchen to increase its utility quotient? That would definitely be so much better than spending all that doled up money on renovations. Here are some easy DIY kitchen cabinet upgrades that you can implement yourself, which are sure to make your day!



Enhance the look of your kitchen shelves than to splash them up with bright beautiful colors! Get out some paint and some sandpaper and do it yourself. This is the cheapest way to change the look of your entire kitchen.


This is a simple project that just needs a few T moldings and screws.  Fix the T moldings in an adjacent manner to the ceiling of your cabinet shelf and you have a brand-new wine glass rack added to your cabinet.


Another useful trick, this hidden cutting board is worth the effort. Measure out a wooden slab to fit inside your cabinet drawer and carve a hole in the center with a dish underneath it. This hole can serve as a collecting dish for your peels and wastes. You can easily use it to chop the vegetable in a clean no-mess manner and dispose the waste all at once.


Everyone has come across sticky, resistant drawers that drive you to frustration during hurried cooks. Lubricate the required parts. For this, pull the drawer out of the cabinet structure by unlocking the catch on both the side sliders. Apply the lubricant on the wheels, wiping the excess out. Once satisfied, lock the drawer into the structure to have smooth drawers again!


It can be infuriating when plastic bags are just lying around the house, making your kitchen look untidy and messy. Get your hands on a rectangular empty tissue box. Fold in the plastic bags inside the box and paste it to the side of your cabinet door. You now have an easy pull-out for bags whenever you need them!


An ingenious hack to get some extra spice bottle space in your cabinet! Get out those spare curtain rods that you have lying around, and slide them towards the top of your shelf, leaving approximately an inch or so from the back. You now have a smart new spice rack at your disposal so you don’t lose those small bottles again.


We often have utensil or pot lids lying around cluttering the kitchen. This definitely warrants a quick solution to stow away the lids and declutter the space. Take any towel rod that is not being used, and get hold of some mounts for these rods. Mount them on the side of your cabinets. This will give you a nice stand to stash all those unused lids.


There are a lot of items in the kitchen, which are used multiple times in a day, but we still prefer keeping them stashed, and not on the countertop. A tissue roll is one such thing. Remove a less used drawer from your cabinet rack. Cut out a wooden cylindrical rod that will fit into your drawer space and will also fit into your tissue roll. Insert the Tissue roll into it and slide it into space. This is super useful and very handy when you have your hands full.


The lights in any room can do wonders to the look of the place. Changing or adding lights to your kitchen cabinets can add a tempting glow to the place. LED lights can be used for this purpose. They are economical and come in a lot of varieties. Simple fixtures need to install under your cabinets to achieve the desired effect.


The front portion of your cabinet doors can be cut out and glass can replace the fronts of your cabinets. Just fix appropriate mounts on the inside part of the cabinet door to hold the glass plates in place.


The cabinet hardware plays an important role in the overall look of the shelves. Changing the knobs are a very common technique amongst many of the DIY Kitchen Cabinet upgrades.


In case you have glass cabinet doors, adding lights inside the cabinets can totally transform the look of your kitchen.


Another interesting way to spruce up the wow factor in your kitchen is to splash the back of your cabinets with wallpaper. You can choose from a lot of style backgrounds and can make them cozy, add quotes or also paint the back wall to make your shelves look vibrant.


Completely remove all the doors to your rack and make your cabinets door-less! This will give a contemporary old-fashioned look to your kitchen, but it is a change nevertheless.


A very handy option is to add a rack to shelve plates under your cabinet structure. This will prevent you from stacking the plates in your cabinet, and is easier to handle, especially the China.

These hacks are super easy to do and will also make an interesting weekend. Implementing them will give a cheerful makeover to your cabinets, thus making cooking an interesting task. So, go get your tools ready to set some of these up and give your kitchen cabinets a well-deserved makeover. 

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