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The Best Kitchen Cabinet Doors Replacement Suggestions and Ideas

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There are many reasons why you can replace your kitchen cabinet doors, it could either be because they are deteriorating due to old age or maybe you have outgrown them and simply desire to have a fresh new kitchen cabinet door styles. Note that replacing your kitchen cabinet doors is also a form of kitchen remodelKitchen cabinet door replacement can cause a whole lot of dramatic difference to your kitchen, giving it an awesome facelift that makes it look new.

Foremost, you need to ask yourself, do you need to replace the whole cabinet or just to reface it?

Kitchen cabinet door refacing is less expensive the replacement of whole cabinet doors, although refacing wouldn’t work on some cabinets. Therefore, check properly the kind of materials your cabinet is made of before choosing to reface.

And once you have decided on replacing your kitchen cabinet doors, then you would need to choose the type of doors you want. You can choose from the many options which include ready-to-assemble (RTA), stock, semi-custom, or custom doors, you can also decide either to use laminate, veneer, wood, etc. or not. Custom doors are the most expensive option and are built and designed base to your specifications. Just as the name implies, semi-custom doors have a blend of some prefabricated elements and some custom elements. Stock doors are already made/established door designs you simply purchase and install, and on the other hand, RTA (Ready To Assemble) is the least expensive and requires some do-it-yourself skills.

Kitchen cabinet door replacement involves the entire removal of the previous kitchen cabinet doors, hardware, and face frames while keeping the cabinet box in place, and fixing new doors, with same or new hardware, and face frames – fixing a new hardware can add more difference.

You may desire to match the new cabinet door with the cabinet boxes – you can achieve this using staining and paint, or probably refacing the cabinet boxes for a more consistent and streamlined look. Another brilliant option for your cabinet door replacement is removing the cabinet doors completely without replacement for an open shelving design adorned with decorative molding and brackets.


There is some kitchen cabinet door replacement ideas and options you can choose from when carrying out a kitchen remodel, so you need to answer a few basic question before you get started.

You must know that even the most basic way of remodeling kitchen cabinet could be time consuming and expensive, therefore ensure that you have a clearer picture of your exact need for your kitchen before you embark on other decisions. What type of door style would you like, contemporary, modern, traditional or classic? Have you considered glass doors? These and many more important questions you should consider when picking a kitchen cabinet door replacement.

A modern and contemporary cabinet door style is usually sleek and has a sophisticated look, should in case you want to stay off any distressed or rustic thing. Laminate is also popular for giving a contemporary look, as well as wood. However, some wood would ruin the contemporary look, especially if choose to stain them overpainting. If you prefer something more traditional, you can pick from a mixture of laminates and wood better still oak is preferable to something more traditional. Hickory and knotted pine are perfect for the outdoorsy rustic look. Glass cabinet doors are suitable for both traditional and modern styles as either primary or accent door type to highlight the design and tone you choose.

Always remember that your kitchen cabinets are the central focus of your space and that your chosen style would reflect your personality. So always consider all cabinet door style options available to know your actual personal style.

The most used material for making kitchen cabinet doors is wood. So if you need a cabinet door that is high durability and can be easily maintained, a laminate may be the best material for you. Stainless steel and glass and also two great materials should in case you are considering something different. Sometimes, the kitchen cabinet door material does not really matter. What actually matters is the base coat which must be similar to the cabinet doors.

There are basically three styles of the cabinet door that you can choose from. The first style is the plain cabinet door which is normally flat. The second style is the recessed door, and the last style is the raised panel door. Each style is amazing and unique in its way in that they all have individual varieties such as flat or hollow panels, straight or curved edges and different thicknesses.

Some kitchen cabinet styles are ok for contemporary use than others, while some are ok for traditional use. However, transitional cabinet styles can bridge between both.

Flat panel kitchen cabinet doors usually have a flat center panel, with raised edges. If you prefer a modern, sleek, and clean look, these kitchen cabinet doors styles are ok for you. This style also does work well with either contemporary, traditional, or transitional looks. The raised panel cabinet doors style has a center panel that is raised and has a surrounding contour or profile. This style looks great for both traditional and transitional look. Slab cabinet doors are mostly used in a contemporary look, this is because they are just a flat slab of smooth wood without panels, accents or contours. Accent kitchen cabinet door styles offer more of decorative features than functional features, this makes them not always used on most cabinets. These styles can be made of aluminum frames, leaded glass doors, mullion doors, louver doors, and glass doors, among other styles. Usually, the accent kitchen cabinet doors can easily blend with any kitchen cabinet door designs.

In order to ensure that your chosen style is compatible, you also have to consider the type of wood species. Hickory wood or knotted pine would certainly not work with modern or contemporary designs, most especially if you would stain and not paint. However, it is a brilliant choice for a country look or outdoors-like rustic, it is also good for a casual and lived-in look. Oakwood is a better choice for a more transitional or traditional cabinet style. Cherry wood on the other end grows into a good looking dark wood which gives the kitchen a warm royal classic look.

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