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Cabinet Styles: Modern, Traditional, Shaker, Flat…


In just about any kitchen, cabinetry is one of the most significant features. Not only are cabinets important for the storage of kitchen equipment but also take up quite some space. Considering this, the styles used to present the cabinets differ depending on the look you might be going for. At first, kitchen cabinet styles can appear too overwhelming regardless of whether you want to refurbish the existing cabinets or you want to install new ones. Nevertheless, one thing that would be of great help in ensuring you stay on track with a particular style would be browsing through the common cabinetry options and selecting one that best suits your kitchen.

For a start, you are going to have to decide on the cabinet styles you want for your kitchen. This decision will also depend on whether you would like the overall décor of your home to be matched by the style you choose for your kitchen cabinets. Although a kitchen can be counted as a separate entity given it has its uses and space, most of them adapt to an entire home design. For instance, if the living room of your home takes on a traditional style, then it would be odd if the kitchen takes on a modern style. However, all that matters when it comes to the kitchen cabinet styles you decide to go with is whether it is what you want—nothing else. After all, the kind of look you decide on is all up to you given that it is your home and you should, therefore, do whatever feels right to you.

With that said, there are numerous cabinet styles to consider when it comes to your kitchen, however, among the most preferred options by most people falls into three groups; vintage, traditional, and modern styles.

If you would like to go with an old-fashioned or antique design for your kitchen, then a vintage cabinet style would be what you need together with some beaded boards and decorative molding to take your kitchen back to a certain time in the past.

If it so happens that you are going for a kitchen style that is a bit edgy, then a traditional cabinet style will be the ideal choice that gives the room an artistic, yet cozier and homier look. Some of the styles that come with this look include arched or cathedral cabinetry using panels that are recessed or raised.

Lastly, a modern look entails European styled, sleek, and colorful wood cabinets. Achieving this cabinet style can be easily done using laminate cabinets.

In the new design of your kitchen, the door style of your cabinet is among the most significant factors. This is because apart from their design elements visibility, which is the most distinct feature of the kitchen, they can as well be quite costly. Each home’s design has a particular door style—be it simple or complex.

Below are some of the styles popularly known and that can be of assistance in helping you decide on what works best for your kitchen:


At this age and time, this style of cabinetry is among the popular door designs used in kitchens. The flat panel design has a four pieces frame and distinct flat panel at the center. The cabinetry style adapts its name from the Shaker furniture style that is well-known for its emphasis on utility and clean lines that are simply designed and match just about all decors. Shaker cabinetry style is famous for its stylish doors that tend to vary in color, stains, and wood species used. As far as its budget is concerned, this cabinet style varies in cost depending on the type of wood used.


In this style of cabinetry, horizontal slats of wood are used for interior doors and windows among other pieces of furniture. Additionally, they uniquely add an architectural style to the kitchen cabinets. However, the beauty brought forth by this style also comes at a great cost. Most, if not all, louvered styled doors have gaps between every slat that makes cabinets appear to have more ventilation.


This stylish yet simple style of cabinetry has distinct flat paneled doors, which are unlike the other styles, is inexpensive. The look achieved by this style is more of a modern and contemporary design. A huge number of the flat doors come in wood or decorative laminate.


Despite this style being costly, it provides a kitchen with a stylish classic look. Just as the name suggests, the doors are positioned on the frame’s exterior. Precise measurements are used to both design and make the doors lying within the frame enabling them to easily close and open regardless of whether the wood contracts or expands. As opposed to hidden door hinges, inset cabinetry uses exterior hinges that also come at a cost.


This unique cabinet design gives a kitchen an elegant and old-fashioned look. With this style, you can choose to go with any door style and even decide to have some distressed designs done to get the look you are aiming for. Due to the extra work that has to be factored in, the cabinetry style becomes costly.


With this style, you get a beautiful cottage look. The cabinet doors’ center panel is made in a way that captures traditional paneling. At times past, this cabinet style was used to decorate walls before painting, drywall, and plaster became common. Given that this cabinetry style gives a clean and bright look to your kitchen, the tiny cracks can be quite tiring to clean.

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