Kitchen Cleaning: Natural Ways of Cleaning Your Kitchen

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Kitchen cleaning is a very important issue in these days. When it comes to cleaning kitchen cabinets and kitchen in general, there are a wide range of materials such as multipurpose cleaners, degreasers, oven cleaners, floor cleaners, plungers etc. We usually resort to a wide range of chemicals that can be toxic and are harmful to the environment. Check out some healthier and greener ways to clean your kitchen and cupboards.

A healthier, greener, and more affordable alternative to conventional cleaners can be various natural products that we all usually have at home. These are substances such as white vinegar, sodium bicarbonate, lemon, natural soap, or certain essential oils that have disinfectant properties, but without the side effects of chemical agents.


Natural kitchen cleaning products

White vinegar. Thanks to its natural acidity, it has a bactericidal and antifungal effect, as well as being degreaser and anti-scale.

Sodium bicarbonate. It is a powerful stain remover and antibacterial. Thus, a good material to use.

Lemon. It is a bleach, deodorant and so, it helps dissolve fat.

Essential oils. In addition to the fact that there are antimicrobial and antifungal properties, they give off a very pleasant smell. Hence, it makes another healthy and useful product to use for kitchen cleaning.

Natural soap. Mild detergent that is used for kitchen cleaning any surface, but without releasing toxic substances.

Borax. This mineral salt is used to clean different surfaces, as well as being a good disinfectant and eliminating bad odors.


Natural recipes to clean the kitchen.

There are formulas that you can easily use at home for kitchen cleaning different kitchen surfaces.

Multipurpose kitchen cleaning materials. In a manual spray bottle, mix ¼ l of hot water with a teaspoon of soap and a little white vinegar or lemon.

Eliminating fat. Even if it accumulates on melamine furniture, on the floor or on refrigerators, you can easily remove it with white vinegar. To mask its strong smell a bit, it can be mixed with water and lemon juice, although once dry the smell usually disappears completely.

To remove the grease from the tiles, you just have to rub them vigorously with kitchen paper dipped in alcohol. When it evaporates, you don’t need to rinse.

Disinfecting the countertop and sink. You just have to make kitchen cleaning regularly with a mixture of white vinegar and water at an equal rate. But if you want a more powerful alternative, use a mixture of half a liter of hot water, 4 tablespoons of white vinegar and 2 of borax. You can add a pinch of natural soap to increase its cleaning power.

To clean a stainless-steel sink, use a paste made from 1 cup of borax and ¼ cup of lemon juice. Then rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Brilliant taps. In the case of the taps, just rub them with a cloth soaked in lemon juice. which will also help prevent limescale build-up. As a preventive measure, you can make a paste by mixing baking soda and petroleum jelly and apply it on the taps. In this way, a protective layer is created that will keep them clean for longer.

Unclog pipes. Pour 1 cup of vinegar and 1 cup of baking soda down the drain; let it rest for a few minutes and add boiling water.

When you face with a problem like this, yeast can also help. Diluted in a little water (pouring hot water after letting it act) it will help you avoid bad smells; and if you mix it with vinegar, you will end the jams.

Hoods without fat. Cook a casserole with water and lemon juice with the hood on. So, The steam will soften the embedded fat and make it easier the kitchen cleaning. To clean the filters, first soak them in a bowl of hot water and baking soda.

Cleaning pans and pots. Sodium bicarbonate can be used to make pans, baking trays or other utensils that have traces of food stuck and burned untouched. Mix half a cup of baking soda with a little water until you get a creamy paste and rub it on the dirty surface.

Ovens and microwaves. Another important part of kitchen cleaning is ovens and microwaves. Mix 2 tablespoons of liquid soap and 2 teaspoons of borax with hot water. Apply and leave for about 20 minutes to soften the dirt. With the help of a metal scourer, rub it well with baking soda.

To clean the microwave, heat a bowl of water and the juice of half a lemon. The steam that this gives off will make the dirt come off easily and then just wipe it off.

How to avoid bad smells in the kitchen? Lemon is one of the most effective alternatives to eliminate bad smells in the kitchen. Cut a lemon in half and put it in the dishwasher or fridge. In the case of the latter, you can also use a bowl with a little baking soda or bread soaked in vinegar. Clean the inside walls of the refrigerator with a mixture of baking soda and water.


What natural products can be used against Insects and other vermin?

To avoid insects or bugs in the kitchen, try these alternatives.

To prevent ants from leaking into the kitchen, spread lemon or cucumber peels wherever they pass. Another option to definitely get rid of them is to put a mixture of sugar and borax in equal parts in those places where they usually go.

To scare cockroaches away, put pieces of bay leaves in the corners. Another option to end them is to mix 1/3 of flour and cocoa powder with 2/3 of borax.

An easy way to drive flies away is to place a small pot with basil, thyme, mint, or rosemary.


So, we gathered the useful natural methods about kitchen cleaning in this article. For more information, visit our blog.

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