Forevermark Kitchen Cabinets: Trend Colors of 2021

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Forevermark Kitchen Cabinets has been a major brand in the industry since it started manufacturing. It has gained its reputation as durable and affordable kitchen cabinets. This constant rise of the brand made it one of the best sellers in every year. As always, it has put some of its colors and series into the best seller kitchen cabinets in 2021. In this article have gathered the popular colors and color series of 2021 by Forevermark.


Forevermark Kitchen Cabinets: Ice White Shaker (AW)

The best seller of all time for Forevermark has always been its beautiful Ice White Shaker series. So far this year, it has been the most preferred again by the people remodeling or decorating their kitchens. Its design includes solid birch frames, MDF door and drawer fronts and plywood boxes. Moreover it has a fully concealed adjustable door hinges. Soft closes are also another signature of the quality of Forevermark Kitchen Cabinets.


It is especially a great idea to buy Ice White Shaker cabinets because of its smooth white look. As most of the colors of Forevermark, Ice White Shaker has a dynamic and also smooth look. It makes the cabinets look clean and beautiful all the time.


Lait Grey (AB)

Another best seller Forevermark serie is Lait Grey. This year, there has been a tendency towards grey color in kitchen cabinets. People start to prefer grey in their kitchen. They also prefer their cabinet matt. That’s why Lait Grey cabinets has been in rise this year. Thanks to its matt tone and light grey color, it has made a big sale in 2021 so far.

Its wall cabinets are one of the most preferred Forevermark Kitchen Cabinets. Additionally people prefer oven cabinets with lait grey color. The reason behind is that they also generally prefer their oven in grey tones. As they keep preferring kitchen appliances in grey, it will keep its sales high.


Nova Light Grey Shaker (AN)

People also prefer Nova Light Grey Shaker of Forevermark Kitchen Cabinets due to such reasons as above. Moreover its simple way of look makes kitchens look great. Lasting design, subtle detailing and many more of its features makes people attracted and design their kitchens in this color. Nova Light Grey Shaker has been among the most preferred color series of 2021 by Forevermark Cabinets.


Forevermark Kitchen Cabinets K-Series (K-Cherry, K-Cinnamon)

K-Series merges a traditional door profile with a versatile color palette. With its marvelous look and smooth surface, it has been among the most popular colors of 2021. K-Cherry and K-Cinnamon are the most preferred among K-Series. Especially K-Cherry makes huge sells this year. One of the reasons for that is it goes well with white kitchen appliances. Also they look classic and traditional which attracts vintage lovers.

We have gathered 2021’s most popular Forevermark colors. For more information take a look at our blog. Don’t miss the limited offers we make for Forevermark Kitchen Cabinets and keep up with them!

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